• “I have been training with Justine for 4 months now, I’m only 12 years old and I think she is a wonderful trainer. At the beginning, I thought I would never lose the weight but thanks to her help with my diet and training I have lost 10kg and I am still going strong. I would like to thank her as she has been incredibly patient with me and has motivated me to achieve more than I thought possible. I don’t want to stop training with Justine. Thank you so much for helping me to achieve my goals, I appreciate what you have done for me and I will never forget you, you are the BEST !!”

 Flavius Ursu

  • Seven weeks ago, I met Justine for a consultation. My weight had been steadily rising over the last couple of years and with some gentle encouragement, I was ready to change this. I have started “diets” and exercise regimes before but as many people will testify, it is difficult to keep it going! This is where Justine came in. She laid out a very straightforward plan for me to reduce my weight at a healthy and sustainable rate through food intake and exercise. This included laying out the macro ratio I needed, lots of suggested meals, exercise plans and much more. Thanks to her, I have lost a stone so far and I’m almost halfway to my goal! I have lost lots of weight before, but this time feels different. Due to Justin’s plan, I do not feel I’m missing out on anything. I do not feel it as if I’m starving myself, nor that it will come back at Christmas when I would usually stuff my face! I consider her plan for me to be more akin to a lifestyle change than a diet. I cannot see or myself ever returning to the end healthy meals and snacks I used to eat. This is all thanks to Justine: her expertise and encouragement.


  • Highly recommended, Justine is a friendly and excellent motivator and her high level 4 qualification shows in her wealth of knowledge she has to offer. Greatly challenging yet enjoyable training sessions. I have finally been taught proper techniques which have been missing in other experiences. I have lost all the weight I wanted and increased my muscle mass and feel great! Justine also gave me lots of nutritional advice that made losing weight ten times easier than before. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking for a great personal trainer! 

Josy C