What I offer

“Eat, move and live better” I achieve the best results by looking holistically at the individual and their whole lifestyle. Without proper nutrition it’s a struggle to lose weight, change body composition, increase metabolism and achieve your health goals. I prefer to inspire and motivate clients to change their long-term habits, rather than pushing them to change. In turn you will feel better, sleep better, deal with stress better and generally have more energy. This will reinforce your desire to make real, noticeable, lasting change and create a healthier happier YOU.

Nutrition is not just about the food choices we make but also the reasons why we make those food choices. E.g. Grabbing a quick lunch at work, too busy with the children or a hectic social life. These are just a few reasons, that affect eating patterns.

By analysing your nutrition and lifestyle, it is a fantastic way to see how we can boost inch-loss, energy, mood and vitality.  I can tailor make your action plan and advice to ensure you get the results you want as quickly as you want but in a healthy way. I can also help you find the solutions to any problems you face on your journey.

What’s involved:

  • First, we complete a lifestyle questionnaire which will highlight; your goals, current exercise and eating habits. Other items such as sleep, stress and motivation factors will be included.
  • In addition, I will ask you to complete a 5-consecutive day food diary.
  • We will then have two 30-minute consultations where I will analyse your questionnaire and eating plan and make recommendations based on the info given.  We will track your food diary and adjust where necessary with the help of online apps.
  • Further advice will include information on macro nutrients, menu ideas, food preparation skills and shopping lists.
  • We will discuss evidence based nutritional supplements that might augment a healthy lifestyle. I can provide strategies to improve your eating habits and help you choose the right foods to eat before and after your workouts I will present nutritional information in an accessible, down to earth way that makes sense. We can work out your daily calorie intake based on your activity level and work out your personalised macro calculation based on the most current recommendations.

A written report with suggestions and recommendations is available on request. Refer to pricing chart for costs.

Please note that the above information is for healthy individuals only and not those seeking a prescribed diet to treat a medical condition.