Buddy training

This is ideal if you’d like to do personal training, but not go it alone, with the added benefit of saving money. Buddy or small group training can give you the opportunity to meet other likeminded people and motivate each other to achieve your goals.

There is strength in numbers. Training in a group or with a fitness buddy can benefit you in three ways:

You are less likely to quit or cancel:  it’s easier to wake up at 6am or get off the couch after work to train with a friend to keep you on track. Workout groups keep you accountable and give you a reason to get moving. It creates a feeling of camaraderie and all being in it together.

Having a fitness buddy will increase your overall pace and provide some healthy competition: research shows that the positive peer pressure of group fitness works on a subconscious level, as runners were recorded as having faster times by racing with someone rather than going it alone.

It can be much more enjoyable than just going for a run or working out alone: group fitness is also a healthy social activity that can become part of a weekly routine.