Do carbohydrates make me fat?

The answer is no. Carbohydrates are necessary nutrients. They provide energy for the body, metabolism of fats, prevent muscle from being broken down for energy and provides the body with essential fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Selecting carbohydrate foods that have a moderate to low glycaemic index and are high in fibre, can help with satiety, blood sugar regulation and energy balance (indirectly). Over-consumption of sugar, refined processed carbohydrate and high glycaemic foods can lead to uncontrolled spikes in blood sugar, low energy and increased appetite.

Therefore, to avoid hunger and achieve healthy weight loss, it is advisable to choose un-processed, whole-food carbohydrate sources such as:

  • vegetables
  • whole fruit & grains, which also provides fibre

Carbohydrates are broken down into glucose and used by the body for energy. Glucose that is not needed immediately by the body is stored as glycogen in the muscles. Carbohydrates are important for glycogen repletion. If we do not have enough carbohydrate available for energy resources we end up losing the muscle mass we have gained as the body will break down the protein in the muscle for energy.